Because the beauty of the world, is seen in the pixels. We code websites, take photos, shoot videos and print. It’s like building your own pixelated world.

Can you imagine a bunch of mechanical engineers playing in a kids playground, swinging, sliding and running around. They’ll love it just like the kids, except have the knowledge of what exactly they’re doing. It’s like a dance of metal strength, basic physics and a little colour.

We feel the same way, whether we’re building a website, shooting a film, or just taking photos. We’ve grown up in these playing fields. Now, its just called work, and not just fun. For some work is worship, while for us, its fun.

sladen-300Sladen D’silva, Co-founder

Master of shortcuts and efficiency, my experience in code is what makes Pixl’s websites work. I swear by the code, but believe in back-ups :)
neil-300Neil D’souza, Co-founder

Jack of all trades. I design websites, shoot films, take photos etc etc. Well actually, I just make things look good.