Why we do, what we do

There is a purpose  to everything in life. Why we were put here, why this time, and why this situation. Most people never know the purpose of life, maybe misguided about it, or just don’t bother with it. We’re not sure either. But until we do figure it out, I figure let’s make the lives of others a little better. Oh, and make some money maybe, while we’re at it. What we do is to make you’re digital life a better experience.

Both Sladen and me found this, when we were at dire straits. And no, I don’t mean the band. He was looking to quit his old job, and I was looking for something new from 1st December. I’m not sure what. Maybe it was time to make a name. Time to put that experience into play.

Hard launches have never really worked for me. Too much of expectations riding on them. Too much fanfare. Which is why I’ve always worked with soft launches. Get work in slowly, and test the waters.I hope it works though. For Pixl’s sake. We’ve been working for the past 3 months now, and works been on and off.

What we do is code, edit, shoot and sometimes fix a friend/relatives computer. Being born just before the digital age, we’ve embraced it from a young age. Yes, almost everyone seems to be headed that direction. Nothing wrong with that.

Ideal work environment? The beaches in Goa. Under a shack, with some beer or water(for me). With high-speed internet of course.

What we do

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