Our very first video. Much joy. Shot for the website PlayFiks, run by Nikhil Menon and Rajeev Krishnan. Thanks to 1st December Films for all support and equipment.

Credits :

Directed, shot and edited by Neil Dsouza. Shot and assisted by Sladen Dsilva

Equipment and visual guide : 1st December

Actors : Nikhil, Rajeev, Neil, Arun Panjabi, Robin Hellmuth, Claude Loren, Mykel Kumar, Marco Bähmerlein, Ramesh Babu, Ashmeet Kaur, Ansul Garg, Devrath Vijay, Suhail Mohammed and Priyanka Dsouza.

When Nikhil approached me with a video he wanted for his website, the brief was 15 minutes of them talking and explaining the features of the website. It went from there, to what you see now.

Shot over a week, it was actually quite fun to be working with friends on this. A first time for them in front of the camera, it was quite a challenge at times to get what you want in the very less time we had. Of course, quite a few shots and sports had to be omitted in the end. Apologies if you’re shot isn’t in the video.

The edit took about 2 months, as we didn’t have a perfect script for the sports. We just went fitting in footage, where it seemed appropriate, and things seemed to just fit in. The audio was stock we bought, and also a few other clips for sports we don’t see too often in India. 2 months because it underwent a lot of changes aesthetically, and they were looking to accommodate for their marketing campaign.